Lemon Cookies

Grown by ABATIN
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Lemon Cookies is derived from the classic Oakland strain of Cookies, but with a more distinct citrus note. Cookies varieties are high in beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that interacts with the CB2 cannabinoid receptor associated with immune response and inflammation. Lemon Cookies is a great choice for chronic pain patients looking for a cannabis flower that has genuine potency, but with less sedation.

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, cramps, depression, inflammation, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, pain: muscle/joint, pain: neuropathic

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Sativa that hits like heavy hybrid

This batch of lemon cookies is fantastic. Although it is classified as a sativa, it definitely hits like a balanced. heavy hybrid with a slight uplift. This is best used as an after work strain or at a time when one can take it easy and relax. There is a strong, earthy flavor with a slight lemon flavor. The flavor is much more similar to girl scout cookies than any citrus strain. There is a nice body buzz that would be beneficial to body pain. An awesome strain!

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Finally tried and certainly satisfied

Finally got around to trying this strain out. Lemon Cookies is an amazing cross between Lemon Haze and Girl Scout Cookies. This sativa dominant hybrid is very uplifting yet chill. It's like a more complex version of Lemon Skunk. The smell and flavor is very citrusy and sweet. The limonene dominance is apparent from the first whiff of these buds. Strong anti anxiety and anti depressant effects. The GSC genes give it a nice relaxation and pain relieving aspect.

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Lemon cookies is a wonderfully relaxing, creative, and comfy sativa strain for daytime use, with nice aromas of GSC and a hit of lemon. The buds have great bag appeal, they are dense, sticky, and have a nice shine of tricombs covering the pointy sativa buds. As the aromas flow through your nose and mouth the high starts off heady and leans more towards the sativa side, it has a little bit of wake me up energy at first. As the hour continues, you slide into a more relaxing state which allows you to remain nice and heady but leaves you defiantly feeling body effects as well. This strain I refer to as a very 'comfy" strain. In higher doses this strain can help with insomnia. In smaller dosages I am able to get work done but be comfortable and happy at the same time. If you are new to cannabis this strain could cause you to become racy as it some times can reach as high as 28 percent, I always adjust accordingly. Abatin is an awesome choice! Lemon Cookies is always in my rotation and often times its the only strain I smoke! I thoroughly enjoy the moment when I pop the seal on the glass jar and the aromas fill the air! I always leave happy knowing Lemon Cookies is in my bag.


body on the coach, head in the clouds

Lemon Cookies does a great job of relaxing the body while keeping the head high nice and potent! I found it great for enjoying the NBA Playoffs and and hanging out after work.

It's head high is strong/potent, yet satisfying and relaxing, which i REALLY liked.

I highly recommend trying!

The new little glass jars are a nice touch.


Pure Relaxation

The House Collection Lemon Cookies are absolutely a step from the original batches. The buds are very beautiful, dense and fresh. While the genetics are lemon OG and Girl Scout Cookies, the GSC flavor and smell is much more pronounced than the Lemon portion. The high is intense relaxation, which is great for settling down after a long day as well as good for treating body pain. The feelings euphoria are greatly pronounced and are rather intense, especially for novices. House Collection Lemon Cookies is a strain that everyone must try!


Relaxhing Heady High

The buds are tight in appearance and has a lot of frost appears on the flower. The buds are not hard as a rock but is firm the the touch and it perfectly cured...I rolled two joints and smoked both. The smoke is really smooth, not much coughing. With the first exhale i felt s warm feeling all over the body and then I charge getting creative and energetic. I m thinking I can put this in my rotation for day time.


Grade A+

Words truly can't describe the overall awesome effects or benefits rather of this medicine. Dealing with muscle spams and segments of anxiety, I've noticed that this flower is definitely what the doctor ordered. A full body relaxation that's clear, non drowsy and relaxing, this strain should definitely be considered!!

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Nice, smooth hybrid, GREAT medicine

Lemon Cookies from Abatin Wellness is a nice, smooth hybrid that works on a multitude of issues, and although a decent Indica effect, it is a great "wake up" medicine and worked great for my fibromyalgia morning fog and pain. Lemon Cookies also loosened my muscles and eased my pain. The Sativa euphoric effects of Lemon Cookies is strong, and is great for depression and many head health issues. Lemon Cookies is good medicine. Nice job Abatin!

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Comfortably Numb

This is a wonderfully uplifting, happy strain, but very quickly it numbs any rapid thinking you had. This is not the best strain for getting any work done, at least for me, as it is quite powerful and more numbing, rather than an energetic buzz. I might have to try this out in a more social setting to guage the difference. That being said, this is still a very enjoyable herb, and great for those who don't mind having their brain stop in its tracks for a a little while. Highlight of this herb? The smell and the taste. The name says Lemon Cookies, and that's exactly what you get. Delicious! Perfect for a weekend or happy hour after work :-)


Time Lapse

With Lemon Cookies, you feel frozen in time, as it cools you down with a nice vibe.

Potency = 9.25

Effects = numbing and elevating euphoria

Ideal for: physical and mental conditions associated with the brain

Mixes best with: Tangie, MediHaze, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Ed Rosenthal, and Pineapple Skunk



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