Classic Trainwreck

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Classic Trainwreck is a high-THC narrow-leafleted sativa that delivers intense giggle-inducing distraction from pain and energetic focus, which makes for amazing daytime medication.  Its aroma is reminiscent of a bowl of citrus in a spruce forest, from its complex terpene entourage of terpinolene, limonene, and ocimene with a hint of myrcene.  This rare cutting came from the original clone that was discovered in Arcata, California in 2000.  Laboratory certified for cleanliness using a Biolumix mold and microbe detector.

Symptoms & Conditions: add, adhd, anxiety, arthritis, cramps, depression, inflammation, loss of appetite, migraine, ptsd, pain: muscle/joint, pain: neuropathic

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Takoma Wellness

I am starting to often buy the medicine on sale at Takoma Wellness Center. I think I have tried all the different strains and in my opinion. it is all good. Now I do admit not being able to tell the different strains by smoking it. But I always enjoy my purchases.


Trainwreck, more like head wreck

Very buzzy, heady strain. Trainwreck is great for getting things done. I found the strain to be very focused with a slight euphoria. In higher doses the buzzy quality becomes much more pronounced for a very strong head high. Great strain during the day


Takoma Wellness

I am becoming more familiar with the different strains and their respective results, I appreciate the abundance of medicines available to try and find the best solutions for my ailments. I also appreciate the price reductions that are available for strains.


Takoma Wellness

I am becoming more familiar with the different strains and their respective results, I appreciate the abundance of medicines available to try and find the best solutions for my ailments. I also appreciate the price reductions that are available for strains.

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While experimenting with the different medical marijuana strains, I have gained quite a bit of new information on the growth and characteristics of the individual plants. I have come to think more about details such as harvesting times, how it affects the quality of the plants.


Ivigorating Sativa

Classic Trainwreck is a very potent sativa that is definitely not for the novice smoker. It produces intense feelings of clear headed energy. Those who suffer from anxiety may want to steer clear of this strain because of the cerebral high this produces, which can intensify anxiety. Those who need long lasting, clear headed energy to handle daily tasks, classic trainwreck would be perfect. I particularly like using this strain before the gym. The buds are very bright green with a unique, pungent yet citrus smell, that i really love. This is one of the most potent and high energy sativas at TWC. Great strain!

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The Amicable Choice

Trainwreck Hybrid is stronger and more easy going than Trainwreck.

Potency = 9.25

Effects = mellow euphoria and some numbing

Ideal for: mood elevation

Mixes best with: Kryptonite, Purple Trainwreck, Northeast OG, Sugar In My Bowl, MediHaze, Lost Coast Hashplant, Old Amsterdam, Ed Rosenthal, and Big Medusa


Get off the tracks! Boom!

Trainwreck Hybrid from Abatin Wellness is one of the “new” recent strains that have come out in DC, and was at Takoma Wellness Canter today. As I scanned the glass case of all the medicine, the cured flowers of Trainwreck Hybrid looked so wonderful I was drawn towards them instantly. They are picture worthy. (see my pic!) The TWC staff let me smell the bouquet and check them out, and I was sold. The flowers had long, olive green fan leaves curling up towards a light green calyx with white pistils, and had a thick coat of terpenes. Trainwreck Hybrid’s flowers not only look awesome, they are glistening with resins!

Trainwreck Hybrid’s bouquet at first has a strong sour, dairy smell, with a spicy sage and pepper zing, then a floral cherry and vinegar aroma rounds it out. The bouquet is delicious. The taste of Trainwreck Hybrid is soft and mild, with a fruity aftertaste. Trainwreck Hybrid is a nice smoke.

I felt the effects of Trainwreck Hybrid pretty quickly, hitting me in the head first, and radiating out the body helping me calm down, and it eased my fibromyalgia issues like “fibro-fog”, headache, and joint pain. My muscles relaxed, and it slowed own my thoughts. Trainwreck Hybrid is great relaxation medicine. About 5 minutes in you figure out where you get the name from: There is a “boom” moment where your head feels euphoric, and there is a rush of medicine through your bloodstream. This is a “creeper” that comes screaming out of a tunnel and BOOM. I felt a strong Indica-like effect and I was very relaxed and medicated. I would recommend this for night time only. I did feel focused and my head was clear, no “couch-lock” with this strain. The effects of Trainwreck Hybrid seem to get stronger and deeper, spreading it’s medicinal effects all over the body, and is a great “all around” strain.

I would recommend Trainwreck Hybrid for autoimmune disorders, pain, head issues, anxiety, and even muscle-related heath issues. It relaxes well and would be good for insomnia. The euphoric effects make it great for depression and PTSD too. This strain is probably great for all sorts of issues. I would call this an Indica-dominant strain, with a subtle, but strong, Sativa tinge. Check out this and other new medicinal strains coming out almost monthly now from the now 5 cultivators (up from 2!) at Takoma Wellness Center.

Best mixed with: Master Kush, OG Fuel (New strain!), Blue Dream and other Indicas. It might go well with Sativa Afghani or other Sativas also.

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