Bumblebee Vape Pen

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Disposable, pre-loaded pen! Each pen is packed with 1000mg of its specified strain which is good for approximately 400 hits.

Available in: Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies

$ 35

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possibly worst vape pen i've ever used

i ordered 2 of these pens for a trip: 1 blue dream and 1 pineapple kush. the pineapple kush pen didn't even work. the blue dream pen didn't taste great and i had to inhale for at least 5 seconds to get anything. considering the battery automatically shuts off after 8 seconds, it sucked. i will never buy these pens again.


Started Strong Ended Weak

When I first started buying Bumblebee products I was very satisfied. Occasionally I purchased pen refills that were defective but I didn't mind because I was always able to swap out the bad refills for new ones. Bumblebee is no longer swaping out bad products. NOW I EITHER HAVE TO EAT THE COST OR ASK MY DISPENSARY TO EAT THE COST AND GIVE ME A DIFFERENT PRODUCT. . . NOT COOL. I have 3 refill cartridges that have leaked, one leaked in the package! I will never buy Bumblebee again. Why should I or my dispensary eat the cost when Bumblebee sold us bad product? Not ok. Fortunately I have an awesome delivery dispensary who is going to eat the cost and give me new products. SHOUT OUT TO HEALTHY GREENS HAYWARD FOR RESPECTING THE CUSTOMER AND NOT LEAVING US WITH A SHITTY, UNUSABLE PRODUCT.

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Bumblebee pen

BTW, the BBs make excellent gifts, especially for retired or part-time og pot heads. Brings them back into the groove because they enjoy the high, discreetness, and the convenience of vaping instead of smoking paper or using pipes.

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Bumblebee pen

I've bought close to 20 BBs in the last 15 months since discovering them in a NoCal dispensary packaged in a nice cardboard tube with rubber stops. I kept the tube, so it makes it double nice to carry and store. I realize that at the price, it's hard to afford that packaging. The BBs finally came into SoCal about 6 months ago. At $30 per pen is fantastic. Haven't counted hits, who cares? I'm sure it depends on how you hit it. My BBs usually last a month hitting it everyday morning to night.
Obviously at 48-55% THC, it is not as potent as some honey vape carts at 80%+, but no mess no fuss nor stuck honey that needs to be warmed. The puzzle is when the red light flashes, is the product used up or a dead battery? After a month of solid highs, next pen up. Best ever was the white fire og, haven't seen that in a long while, best available now is the fire og. How to safely dispose of dead batteries is another problem? Dispensaries won't take them back. They should provide a battery recycling bin. But, I'm sure they're too stoned to care.


Absolute rip off. DO NOT BUY!!!!

Where do I start. I had tried bumblebee at hempcon in San jose and liked them. When I saw them at the dispensary I went and bought 6 pens for a road trip First one I opened worked for one hit (which tasted like burnt plastic and gave me a headache). Then stopped working. I opened another and tried it (a cherry pie strain ) which had the same burnt rubber taste. The pen ended up turning on by itself in my purse and full on melting down. I showed my boyfriend and he opened up the device and found a plastic fabric thing inside that had melted. I went to return the pens for a refund but was only offered more of the same pens. Obviously i didnt want the pens but that was all the dispensary could do. Honestly I don't know how big companies like this can get away with selling a product like this. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of shitty disgusting things that I sure as hell don't want to smoke, nor would i advise anyone else to smoke. (Unless you like smoking plastic and chemicals) I spoke to a friend at another dispensary who told me that not only was this common for this product, their dispensary tested bumblebees products and found pesticides in it and no longer carried them. I am just stunned that this could be considered medicine. It's poision.


rip off

I recently tried the disposable bumble bee blue dream vape pen and it worked great for about 5 hits then the battery died and never worked again.i returned it to where i bought it from and was told numerous people complained of the same issue with their's so he offered to exchange it and literally worked for about 5 hits and hasn't worked since.my buddy had the same issue with his.i will never buy anything from bumble bee again.i feel ripped off.


Bumblebee Vape Pen

I have been extremely happy with my Bumblebee Vape Pen! It lasted longer than I thought it would, even though I was not counting, and the test results directly on the box leave me at ease, which is something hard to do with someone with anxiety. The mango flavor/strain was smooth and easy, not giving me the rough throat feeling that comes with glycerin and propylene glycol based oils. Discreet, I would recommend this product for anyone who needs their medicine without raising too much fuss or smelling super heady.


best vape pen I've ever tried

This pen is absolutely amazing!! I got the 1000 milligram Mr nice guy strain. All I can say is this thing works!! The high was a perfect blend of mellow and relaxing with no anxiety. The pen functioned great and I got nearly 200 hits off of it. The budtender advised me to take small puffs to maximize the battery life. I like that the bumblebee does such extensive testing with SC labs. I think it's important to know what is in your medicine. All the results were posted right on the package. I really like how discrete the pen was. I could smoke in my car without smelling like I just smoked a joint. The pen is stylish and discrete with great packaging. I actually brought my pen to Kauai and had no trouble flying with my nedicine!!! I paid $35 for the pen which is a great value. I have tried many other pens on the market and the Bumblebee is by far superior to all that I have tried. I absolutely recommend this product. I actually gave one to my grandmother and she loves it!! She Told Me She Smoked It At bingo!!! Lol. 5 stars


bad pens

1st try was very good. Though the site claims 400 hits I got 87. Bought two more for a vacation, one for day and one for night. Each lasted only a dozen hits and I was left with no med for the rest of my vacation. I think the supplier gave me used samples. They will not respond. Any advice?

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