Pure Gold Hash Oil

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Available in half grams for $40 only!
An ultra pure THC concentrate at 74% THC. All contaminates have been removed, leaving behind only cannabinoids.

$ 80

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Potent & Pure. Totally Worth It.

I really enjoyed this product. I've been searching high and low for clear quality capsuled meds that would provide a good amount of pain relief. I have frequent pain that occurs randomly and I often times need to medicate quickly and effectively while still being discreet. These capsules are perfect for on the go medicating and quick pain calming. I trust the quality and consistency of this product as well. I've tried it several times and my experience has been very similar each round. I wish this product didn't sell out so quickly. Its been hard to me to locate consistently.


Good Deal!!

This medication works great and is a very affordable alternative to expensive flowers.
I like the fact that I can medicate on the go.
No smell.
The vendor says that I can go through security at the air port and the dogs cant detect it .
If any body has any data to back this up I would be grateful.
I have been medicating for years and it can be very expensive.
I have spent $40 for almost a week of medication.
I have been spending 3 times that a week on flowers .
My plan is to use some flowers at night and on the weekends.

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