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Harelquin is a phenotype of a plant that was originally used to make hashish. This plant takes genetics from an early 70’s Columbian Gold, a Thai from the mountains near Laos, and a Swiss native landrace that was traditionally bred for consumption by cattle. These plants are all high-elevation plants with strong genetics. This is one of the earliest known CBD rich strains. Harlequin is becoming more widely available to patients in the Bay Area. While a year ago it would have been next to impossible to get a hold of a Harlequin clone, they are now being made available for patients through a few Bay Area collectives. Harlequin produces dense, dark green flowers with dark orange hairs throughout. Flowers harvested from a Harlequin plant have a unique, almost medicinal smell. Scents are earthy and musky, with spicy cedar undertones. The effects from Harlequin vary, but generally this medicine acts as an analgesic for those suffering from swelling and inflammation, and pain associated with the two. Additionally, this strain offers energetic, mood-enhancing effects with a clear and focused mind. Conditions treated include stress, depression, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and migraines.
Growing Harlequin plants can be a great learning experience for the novice grower. While this is generally an easily grown plant with little fussiness, care should be taken to ensure maximum vigor and yields. Being a sativa, this plant grows vertically with minimal side-branching. These plants absolutely need branch support in the last few weeks of flowering as the colas become too heavy for the plant to handle. Harlequin sets flowers quickly in comparison to other strains, but will still need up to 70 days to finish. Because buds come out large and tightly packed, they will take up to twice as long to dry in comparison to other strains. The end result is more than worth the work, with large yields and a beautiful, medicinal end-product. This is still a rather new strain that is consistently being researched for its medicinal properties. Recently a lab technician at Steep Hill Labs discovered that considerable levels of CBD are produced in the vegetative growth of this plant, even prior to vegetative maturity. This means that it may be possible to extract CBD from the plant without flowering. This would enable one to extract the CBD from the plant to be infused into a tincture or oil. When growing plants for medicinal use it is important to take the proper steps to ensure safety and cleanliness. Never use products that could be harmful to patients if directly ingested. For more information, please contact a staff member of SPARC.

Symptoms & Conditions: add, anxiety, depression, inflammation, migraine, pain: muscle/joint

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Harlequin - High CBD - Amazing pain relief

This is the most amazing med I've ever found for treating my Fibro pain. It works better than any of the prescription Fibro meds. I like the smell, taste and sativa effect of this strain. It eliminates my pain without getting me too high to function. I mix in a little of a good sativa if I want some extra THC.

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different, but good

So I was doing a lot of research on high CBD strains of meds and this caught my eye. It has 8.5% CBD and 6% THC. Right when you smoke it, you can tell the difference in this strain. My body was very relaxed and my slight headache went away, but I didn't have that "super-high" cerebral feeling you would expect from a Sativa. I felt pretty close to normal with just a little buzz.

I can see where this strain would be helpful if you were sick & in pain and don't want the psychedelic effects. So overall, this would be good strain if you just want to relax but not trip out.




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