White Widow (S/I)


This legendary strain is as classic as it gets; a vintage 90's hybrid that won the Cannabis Cup in 1995 and is still sought after to this day. Bred from an Indian Indica and a South American Sativa, this offspring of two land-race strains is a balanced hybrid that leans slightly towards the sativa side. Expect euphoric, hybrid effects with plenty of uplift and dreaminess, with a delicious and inviting aroma and flavor.

White widow is so named because the buds are often a nearly whitish hue, heavily crystalized with just a few errant orange hairs throughout. Our particular batch of White Widow is a bit greener, with plenty of the white frostiness one would expect but also a bit more orange throughout. The smell is the typical piney earthiness common to this strain; the nugs are dense and tight as well.

The smoke is incredibly potent, and just a few tokes will easily give you an intense uplift, along with a spaced-out euphoria. The first wave includes a complimentary body high, and as time progresses there's an almost melting effect from the indica genetics; you may find yourself knocked back temporarily, but soon enough the sativa side will give you a wonderfully focused buzz. You may want to have a deep conversation, fly a kite, or get lost in a video game--but no matter how you choose to enjoy this outstanding medicine, there is no denying the potency and intensity. First class cannabis all the way!

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