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This full-Indica phenotype of OG Kush (which is often listed as a hybrid, though we consider OGK to be a full Indica) has the same deep, relaxing properties and the same light, spacey headrush. This cannabis-cup winning strain has a strong body high, but also energizing effects and a cerebral side to the high as well.
Our buds are medium-small, dark lime green with a heavy coating of frosting. They're solid but not dense, and have a wonderful sweet floral skunk aroma. The trim is a bit loose, but there's plenty of trichomes all over--especially when breaking open the bud. The flavor is robust, earthy and full-bodied.
The effects feel surprisingly even for a full Indica--like OG Kush, there's substantial body relaxation but little knockback. This is complimented by a nice, easy uplifting feeling that's spacey and euphoric, even psychedelic. There's an instant body tingle, and the Indica effects are pronounced, but at the same time the dreamy, spacey head high is unexpectedly intense as well. Overall, this is some powerful medicine, ideal for chilling out either on the beach, on the couch, or in front of your favorite food. Great value for some great dank!

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