Swerve Confections SnuggleBar 200mg

Snuggle Bar 200 mg ($20): Snuggle bites utilize balanced hybrid cannabis and a variety of herbal additions to intensify physical fulfillment and strengthen sensual energy. Enjoyed by men and women alike, snuggle bites reflect common knowledge that cannabis and herbs are healthy sexual enhancers.

Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, raw CA honey, agave, hemp seeds, milk powder, coconut oil medicated with bio-grown cold water hash, coconut sugar, pecans, coconut flour, vanilla, guar gum, maca root, shankhapushpi, kappikatchu, ashwaghandha, vidari kanda, rose petals, peruvian pink peppercorns, rose geranium and rosewood oil, beet powder, ginger, candied orange peel

$ 20

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