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While nobody knows the real genetics of Strawberry Cough (or if the legend that the strain was grown in a strawberry patch is true), what is known is that this is a relaxing, light sativa that provides plenty of lift and plenty of relaxation. Some claim this is a cross of a sativa known as 'Erdbeer' with an unkown indica--but again, all this is just rumor, and solid facts about this strain are hard to come by. The bottom line, though, is that this is great daytime medicine!

Our buds are dense, lime green with a fine coating of trichome frostiness and trails of stray, tan-colored hairs. They have a delicious, sweet, strawberry fruit aroma, with notes of piney diesel. The smoke is smooth, light, mild and crisp. The fruit flavor doesn't necessarily come through in the smoke, but it's delicious nonetheless!

The high is a focused, clearheaded uplift that is heavily euphoric, super tranquil and just the slightest bit dreamy. Though billed as a full sativa, this is by no means a racing, heart-pattering strain like Green Crack--it's more along the lines of other milder 'full' sativa strains (Jack Herer comes to mind--like Strawberry Cough, it's been classified as both full sativa and 80:20 sativa-dominant hybrid). Still, this does nothing to diminish from the wonderful, relaxing high. While feeling energized in both body and mind, this strain still manages to give a powerful sense of relaxation and relief, without any knockback or heaviness. Great for anxiety and stress relief, this is perfect for a busy day when you need to be focused and relaxed but active and alert.

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