Sour Diesel


Considering that Sour Diesel is among the most popular and well-known strains of cannabis in the world, the lineage is surprisingly unknown. Various theories exist; some consider this to be simply a phenotype of Chemdawg, while others are convinced this is Original Diesel or NYC Diesel crossed with an unknown Skunk--or is it Chemdawg crossed with Skunk? Nobody is certain where Sour Diesel actually came from, but regardless of its history, this full Sativa is now legendary, known for it's intense euphoric effects and focused, energizing uplift.

The effects are almost entirely cerebral, as can be expected from such a sativa-heavy strain. There is a tiny bit of body tingle, but mostly there is an intense feeling of euphoric uplift, along with a very energizing buzz that is also somehow relaxing and calming. You will feel up and peppy, but also clearheaded and chill. There is a reason Sour Diesel is such a popular choice for sativa-lovers; with outstanding energizing properties and a nice, relaxed but focused spaciness, this is an easy go-to when you need a strong, smooth daytime smoke!

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