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More powerful than the strongest Jedi! There is some debate as to how much of an Indica this strain is--it's alternatively listed as full Indica or Indica-heavy hybrid, and while we are calling it full Indica it is definitely on the bright side, not a heavy sleeper but rather a very relaxing, chillout type of medicine perfect for relaxing in the evening. Its parents are Mazar-I-Sharif (a heavy, potent cross of an Afghani Indica with Skunk #1) and Blueberry, so you can expect the delicious, light floral sweetness from the Blueberry with some heavier, skunkiness from the Mazar side.

The buds smell amazing--they have the classic, sweet Kushy aroma common to Skywalker OG genetics, likely from the Blueberry lineage. The smoke is incredibly delicious, with a sweet and mild flavor that matches the inviting aroma.

Just one or two tokes is enough for an instant rush. The first wave of effects starts with a powerful body tingle, complimented by a surprisingly light, spacey cerebral uplift. As the high progresses, you'll feel an intense relaxation with accompanying pain-relief. You may get couch locked as well, but by no means is this a heavy, debilitating strain compared to Indicas like GDP or Skywalker's grandparent, Afghani. There's also a sneaky creeper wave, which will have you feeling the spacey euphoria side of the medicine and increases the body tingle. Still this strain is going to leave you feeling relaxed and mellow, so you'll want it when you feel like kicking back and chilling out. There's a ton of spaciness and lots of relaxing knockback, but this isn't as dreamy as classic hybrids like Blue Dream. Ideal for gaming or relaxing, there's enough buzzy uplift to keep your mind active, but you'll probably feel too relaxed to want to move around much. With a THC-content unmatched even by most top shelf strains, it is recommended that novice users approach this strain in small doses at first, with an open heart and a well-adjusted frame of mind. For those who want a powerful smoke with an intense high, this is a winner. Unbeatable dank!

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