Lost Soul (I/S)

This hard-to-come-by strain has tricky genetics; supposedly the offspring of Ghost OG (which is either a phenotype of OG Kush, or possibly OG Kush crossed with an Afghani land race indica) and Grandpa's Breath (Grand Daddy Purple x OG Kush Breath), there's a lot of kush lineage in this indica-dominant hybrid. The result is a delightful, delicious and shockingly dank strain of cannabis.
Our batch has an incredibly sweet, kushy smell, and the buds are a light green with just a few traces of orange hairs. The nugs are completely frosted, so heavily coated in trichomes that they almost sparkle under a light, and they give the bud an almost white appearance.
Not only do the buds look and smell unbelievable, they are also deliciously tasty and fantastically potent. The smoke has a robust, woody flavor with a not-quite minty herbal taste. The initial wave of effects kicks off with a spacey, relaxing feeling complimented by a nice body rush. You may feel some serious knockback, but by no means is this a knockout. Still, there is a pleasant, calming 'chillout' feeling to the high. Additionally, there's an unexpectedly powerful creeper wave to this strain as well; about 10-15 minutes after smoking, you may suddenly experience an almost psychedelic, intense cerebral high to go along with a fairly powerful body tingle. This makes Lost Soul an excellent choice for evenings in, when you just want some time for yourself with a hot bath and maybe a good book. On the other hand, this strain is simply too strong to be recommended for use in public, unless you're an unusually high-functioning stoner. Highly effective, powerful medicine!

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