Loosey Lu's Aphrodisiac Pre Rolls

Looking to add dimension to your smoking experience? Skip the tobacco and try some herbs ;)

Lifted is proud to offer its's discerning smokers new options for connecting with the Earth and plant Medicine in traditional ways!

From our friends at Loosey Lu's:

Organic, herbal smoking blends hand-crafted in Los Angeles

Loosey Lu's uses all organic Mountain Rose Herbs, grown without pesticides and chemicals and is currently wild harvesting: sage from Ojai, California and Lavender from Los Angeles, California

Ways to use – Herbal smoking blends may be intaken in a variety of ways. Roll a loosey joint or cigarette, pack a bowl, or vaporize. Herbs may also be used in a bath; just add hot water. Or tea; just add hot water.

Why use – Loosey Lu herb blends are a beautifully mild way to experience the tastes and feels of the earth. Use in place of tobacco or other fillers. Add your own herbs to the mix.

Aphrodisiac Delight: Hybrid Blend

All Organic Ingredients: hybrid Cannabis, Damiana, Sage, Blue Lotus, Motherwort, Lobelia, Raspberry leaf, Peppermint

Pre Rolled 3 Pack - $20 (~2g Cannabis)

...Loosey Lu is our delight!

$ 20

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