Jack Herer

While nobody is certain exactly what is in Jack Herer, it's generally considered to be a cross of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk #1 (or possibly Shiva Skunk, which itself is simply Skunk #1 x Northern Lights). No matter the history, this medicine is as legendary as the cannabis activist and guru who's namesake it is. A classic, full sativa which is often also billed as a sativa-dominant hybrid, there's still no question that sativa is the main influence in this strain, so expect a mostly cerebral uplift with plenty of euphoria and just a bit of the relaxing, body effects from the indica lineage. No matter how you classify it, there's one thing for sure--it's dank and delicious!

Our buds are fluffy, slightly loose on the trim, and dark forest green with occasional orange hairs and a lovely frosting throughout the nugs, both inside and outside the bud. The smell is a piney, almost diesel aroma (thanks to the haze genetics) that is pungent and skunky (thanks to the skunk genetics!). The smoke is smooth, with a light, crisp flavor.

The high is the expected sativa uplift; there's a strong cerebral rush with a nice, relaxed euphoria. At the same time, the high will leave you feeling a peppy, energizing buzz without impacting focus. There's just the mildest body tingle to compliment the heady effects, and you may also feel a creativity burst to match. Occasional paranoia has been noted, probably from the haze genetics in the lineage, but that's a rare side effect as generally this strain is a lot less likely to cause anxiety than some of the other heavy sativas. Delicious and potent, this is a wonderful daytime choice at an unbeatable price!

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