Hell Berry (I) - $30


This full Indica is a cross of Hell's Angel OG and Blueberry--so you can expect a nice dreamy, stoniness as well as bright, relaxing Indica effects. It's not the heaviest Indica around, but it does have a wonderful, relaxing high with plenty of euphoria and a strong body high as well.

Solid but not overly dense, the nugs are forest green with a loose trim and plentiful orange pistils. They smell deliciously sweet and fruity, especially when breaking open a bud to reveal the tiny crystal trichomes and release the pungent odor within. The smoke has an almost bitter, fruity flavor that is full bodied yet mild.

Just a few tokes is enough to get a light, dreamy effect as well as a solid body rush. You'll immediately notice a heaviness that isn't debilitating--more like a relaxing, drifting off into comfort as you experience a couch-locking, pain-relieving high. The genetics guarantee a lot of strong body effects, but the fruity influences mean there's a wonderful euphoric component as well; a combination of dreamy and spacey, and heavily relaxing. This is wonderful medicine for the evenings when you're not quite ready to sleep but you're ready to relax before bed. Delicious, dank buds at a great price!

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