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Yes indeed, this strain is as yummy and fun as it sounds. A cross of California Indica and Kashmir from Mandala Seeds, this is a treat of an indica, a flavorful and hard-hitting one at that. If you're looking to relax, unwind and possibly take a nap, then look no further.This particular batch is quite heavy on the berry aroma and flavor, not quite as harsh and hashy as this strain can get. This results in a smooth, tasty smoke which will settle in right off the bat. The body high is significant and tingly, and the initial indica blast will probably leave you a little speechless. This is definitely a smoke for the evening when you've not got much to do, and does quite well with pain management, relaxation and sleep.

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pretty good

This is a high quality medicine. The only reason I don't give it 5 starts is because I like slightly denser flowers. The taste is is that an og kush mixed with earthy pepperish taste. Definitely a go-to strain for indica lovers. Breaks down nicely and is not extremely dense, but very pungent and strong hitting strain.



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