Eel River Nectar Co2 Carts

From the shores of the Eel River in Humboldt County, Eel River Family Farms grows cannabis in an organic, biodynamic, completely natural method with no pesticides or herbicides. They use a dry farming technique that is great for California's environment, concentrates the flavors and potency of the cannabis.

Eel River Nectars

Single Strain 100% Pure Cannabis Clear Distillates From Whole Flower.
100% pure cannabis oil. No additives. Superior Flavor.
NUG RUN Concentrate from Organic, Dry-Farmed Cannabis.
Natural Plant Terpenes Preserved for Rich, Whole Plant Cannabinoid Profiles.
Solvent Free, Critical CO2 Distillation Process Produces Clean, Clear Oil.

Current Strains

White Widow (S/I) - 74.27% THC, 2.19% CBD

Charlotte's Web (CBD) - 26.02% THC, 45.47% CBD

The Doctor (I) - 75.99 THC, 1.21% CBN

Blue Water OG (H) -77.67% THC, 0.26% CBD

Sno Gee (I) -78.50% THC, 0.25% CBD

Fog Berry (I) -76.32% THC, 0.14% CBD

Green Dream (S) -78.19% THC, 0.83% CBD

Ancient Lime (S) -71.77% THC, 3.91% CBD

Tsunami Train Wreck (S/CBD) - 46.29% THC, 26.22 CBD
Tsunami Trainwreck (High CBD)​ - 47.28%THC, 32.22%CBD

​Sno-Gee (H)​ - 80.32%THC, 0.25%CBD

Bluewater OG (H) - 78.59%THC, 0.35%CBD

Green Dream (S) - 80.68%THC, 1%CBD

Nurse Jackie (S) - 73.58%THC, 2.42%CBD

Time Machine (S) - 70.48%THC, 0.27%CBD

Ancient Lime (S) - 73.58%THC, 4.54%CBD

$ 50

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