Durban Snow (S/I)


Durban Snow is a cross of the hugely popular full Sativa Durban Poison with the mysterious strain "Snowcap." The genetics of Snowcap are unclear; it's been listed either as a Sativa-dominant hybrid or as an alternative name for the Indica-dominant strain Humboldt Snow (aka Snow Bud). Based on our in-house testing, we suspect this is the Indica-heavy version of Snowcap--the effects are more akin to a hybrid than a full Sativa. Bottom line? Durban Snow is a delicious, slightly Sativa-heavy hybrid, uplifting but relaxing!

The buds are dark green, medium-sized and dense. They smell sweet, with hints of earthy skunk. There are only a few errant pistils, but plenty of frosty trichomes and the occasional protruding sugar leaf. The flavor is bittersweet, but light and mild as well.

The high is spacey but not unfocused. There's an instant headrush, and a light body tingle; you'll feel heavily relaxed and with mild knockback. This strain also taps into your creative juices, with an uplifting euphoria to match. The Sativa influence ensures a cerebral blast that's energizing, while the Indica influence will leave your body relaxed and comfortable. This makes Durban Snow ideal for house parties with friends, for playing a great game, or for a relaxing evening out. It's delicious--and dank!

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