Candy Jack

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A Lifted house, and member, favorite, and with good reason. When you've got flavor, aesthetics and potency all in one package, it's hard to go looking for love in any other place, if you know what we mean.
Plucked straight off the top of Candy Jack mountain, this strain is a seminal cross of Cotton Candy, deep and stony Indica, with Jack Herrer, one of the best know hybrids out there. The two come together to form and extremely heady and deep hybrid experience. The high hits right away and will leave you a little bit confused and dazed. Once that narcotic Indica portion starts to clear out of your head and move into the body in a warm buzz, you'll immediately find yourself in a very relaxed and friendly place. This is where the Jack Herrer comes in. Not just there for that distinct flavor, the Jack holds the whole thing up, allowing you to skim the surface of the Indica without getting too bogged down.What we're trying to say is that you should be smoking some of this right now.

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Purchased: $18 Gram

My Official Favorite of All Time

Candy Jack is perfect for a toker who wants to stay in motion but remain calm. The description of it's fruitiness and it's light dankness is accurate! The slight body stone with the option to be creative and challenge yourself physically. A great way to start off your day or end your night.



First thing i noticed when i opened the jar was the delicious fruity smell of the candy jack. On top of that it is frosty, dense, and hits very nicely. Defiantly a well grown bud and i cant wait to order more. Keep up the good work Lifted!!!!



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