Black Jack

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Black Domina x Jack HererDon't miss out on this fabulous indica dominant strain. Well, actually, there's a lot of debate out there as to what side of the hybrid spectrum this strain falls on, but we're going with indica dominant. Even though you can easily smell the Jack Herer sweetness, the buds definitely carry the appearance and structure of it's indica parentage. Combining Northern Lights, landrace Afghani and Hashplant with the Jack Herer, we've got a lot going on here. As mentioned, the buds boast a stinky sweet bouquet reminiscent of Jack Herer, but definitely have the coloration and density of some good old indica. Though not a total couch locker, the high is definitely deep, so we recommend you keep the use reserved for evening time or mellow social occasions

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Powerhouse strain!!!

Ok, so I really really love this strain. It has a wonderful smell as soon as you open the container. It's taste and smell alone are just really satisfying. But when smoked , black jack give you an amazing euphoric effect. If you have depression stress or insomnia and loss of appetite this is a strain to try! I have ordered this several times and it never fails.



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