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This heavy, sedating indica combines Afghani genetics with what is typically believed to be a Hawaiian sativa (Maui Haze is a likely parent). Still, while some would try to claim that makes Afgoo a hybrid, there's no question the effects are squarely on the indica side of the spectrum--it's stony, relaxing medicine much better suited to a quiet evening chilling out, than a busy, active day out in the world.
Our nugs are solid but not dense, bright green with plentiful clumps of orange pistils and a pungent, sweet kushy aroma. The smoke is smooth, sweet and tasty; mild and delicious, it has the almost chocolately, creamy flavor common to Afghani genetics.
The first wave of effects comes with an intense, super-relaxing body rush. The high is very spacey, mellow and calming--this is definitely a full indica, so expect couch lock and a sedated feeling to hit hard, heavy and fast. Still, the potency is outstanding; the effects are long-lasting (if you can manage to stay awake to enjoy them!) and wonderfully strong. This makes Afgoo a phenomenal nighttime choice when you want to zone out and pass out--classic, delicious indica medicine!

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