Black Cherry Funk

Made by CRAFT
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THC: 25.4%
CBD: .3%
Clean Green Certified.
50/50 Hybrid : Medicinally effective in pain therapy and stress relief. The effect is very strong; flavor profile is sweet mellow berries, cherry cola, and hash.

Lab Tested by SC Labs
Disclaimer: Typical donation prices. All costs determined solely by cost of production and subject to vary. Sales tax included in price.

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, arthritis, cramps, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorder, inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, pain: muscle/joint, pain: neuropathic, pain: phantom limb

$ 15
$ 55
4 grams
$ 190
$ 380

Marijuana Reviews


black cherry funk

I love this one, black, cherry, all that, probably one of the best hybrids you can find, tight dense buds, the cherry flavor and scent really comes through on this one, this one is rumored to dissappear very soon, so order soon and if you're lucky enough, JAY will be knocking on your door with your complete correct order ON TIME....

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Black Cherry Funk, I Love You....

and i really do, at this time the funk is my "have to have on every order" strain, i just love it thing is the funk reminds be of one of kyles gems called "cherry Lopez" this funk is identical if any of you old hill's farmacy patients are reading this, but other than all that..... if you are a first tymer or a veteran crafter such as myself try this funk, it is my most favorite tasting and reacting hybrid at the moment. tight super dense colas, you have to see it to believe it!!! order up before it's out....


super ape your my hero...

sweet like grape kool ade, piercing taste and smell, very kush like in effect. tight dense buds with a dark purple frosty appearance. this must be a special cut. a must have for hybrid chasers. ive nicknamed this one great granddaddy. this one is a hard hitter to the head with very purple like effects but with this one you can actually still function, very nice balanced hybrid. change your head without the couch-lok.......enjoy that!

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hash bash....

every now and then (more than not) I like to venture before all the wax's super melts ect. not a dabber here, not into fads and such, so what I like to do is break out the glass cane pipe and hash it up but its getting hard to find concentrates that aren't wax or fast melting, so when I seen that craft actually had the old school in stock I got one of each on the pronto!!!
I got the blue dream, lambs bread and a og. all 3 are just great for pure use and not as just a topper. I think the blue dream stands out slightly amongst the 3. all three are nice and smooth with super easy to use and handle crumbles if you will. at only twenty a gram you wont go wrong.


This IS a Super Ape

I really like this strain. It's an Indica but it didn't make me couch locked like so many of the Indicas. It has a really good flavor and smell when vaporized. I really want to give it 4.5 stars.
It's right up there with my favorite strains: Girl Scout Cookies, Super Lemon Haze and Dutch Treat.

Even if you prefer a Sativa strain, I would give it a try. It's a really nice calming high.

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CRAFT Collective

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