CRAFT Durban

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Certified Organic by Clean Green
PURE SATIVA. Landrace strain from the Durban region of South Africa.
THC: 19.7%
CBD: .24%
Disclaimer: Typical donation prices. All costs determined solely by cost of production and subject to vary. Sales tax included in price.

$ 15
$ 55
4 grams
$ 325

Treatable Symptoms & Conditions

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • inflammation
  • loss of appetite
  • migraine
  • pms/pmdd
  • ptsd

Marijuana Reviews


durban delight....

wow, piney, sweet, sour, hashy, all of that wrapped up in tight denceness with a gooishness pure sativa that must be tried. even indica chasers will take notice with this gooey your grinder will not shake clean. this stuff clings and sticks to everything it touches. buttery pine fresh fills the air when grinding. this is a daytime masterpiece. old school south African strain still hits hard and fast and the taste stays with you for hours, reminds me of a really good dry white wine. save this one for that "top of the morning" or lunchtime mode.

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Clean Green - Baby Buds - Wow

I almost hate to write this review because I want to keep Craft Collective's Baby Buds as a secret but.....
this is a treasure not to be missed. Craft's Baby Buds are awesome. It's the same clean green medicine that is already a favorite; but now add in a Super price and what's not to love. The buds are small and soft, not dense, however they taste great and vape easy. The buds reminded me of sun grown with a lighter smell when first opening the medicine. Once it was ground up and vaped using my Plenty Vaporizer, the taste is super. You get a nice clean Sativa High.

So far I've tried and Loved the Clean Green Durban, Clean Green Pineapple and Strawberry Kush. All are excellent quality and taste. If you give the Baby Buds a try, you won't be disappointed.


Durban Anyone?

Sativa at one of its finest, this one is super aromatic like a nice dry wine, this one invades the sences with a super clean finish with up, up, up, lifting experiance.
I recommend this one for first thing in the morning use, just so invigorating feeling, almost a clensing feeling.
super smooth and clean going in and out, exhale reviels the grapeyness you get lucky enough to find in properly grown durban.
This is my favorite durban that ive found thus far in the area, sweet and tart, how can you go wrong?
If you like durban then come in for a landing and try this durban before it takes off and is gone forever more....



CRAFT Collective

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420 is alomost here... but for now... CRAFT Triple Threat OZ. certified organic 19.6 % THC : $225 (tax not included.) 1-855-563-2738  

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