Kiva CBD Ginger Dark Chocolate

Made by KIVA
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CBD 100mg /THC 100mg 1:1 Ratio

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Take some caution with this one!

I was excited to try this Kiva 1:1 as I have been using CBD strains for anxiety, panic, PTSD and pain for a couple of months. Before then it had been 4 years since I used cannabis and on that break my tolerance to THC reset itself basically back to nothing. I've been going slow on THC so that I don't get psychoactive effects that produce anxiety and panic. I loved Kiva in the past and always had a good experience with their chocolate so I thought this would be a great way to reintroduce edibles. Um, wrong! This chocolate is POTENT. Do not let the CBD fool you, this felt nothing like an easy CBD buzz or even the 1:1 tincture that I've been using. I ate a little less than a 1/4 of one square and settled down for an easy evening. About 30 minutes later when it hit I stood up and said, "oh shit, I ate too much". It came on really strong and really fast and I spent 5 hours with a really strong, trippy high that was not what I had originally intended for my night! Because it had been so long since I had that much psychoactivity I just went into full self-care mode and tried to make the best of it by taking hot showers, having sex with my partner (that was awesome), playing music and most of all breathing and talking myself down a LOT (fortunately I have experience with intense trips so it was an old habit but a good one). I did some research the next day and realized I had bought their ginger CBD/THC bar which is 120 mg of each, not their 60mg bar! LA DOI. Okay, always read the package c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y and microdose! For those out there who are regular edible users don't pay as much head to this review as those who are new to edibles, new to higher doses of THC if you are used to CBD products and who don't read packages carefully or know what 120/120 mg means! Otherwise, I still love Kiva but will be getting the 60mg bar and giving the rest of this one away to friends.

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Strong for CBD candy!

To try for the first time, I broke one of the four squares in half, one triangle, and broke that in half (about 12mm each CBD and THC ). Very smooth, European style chocolate, sweeter than you might think for semisweet dark chocolate. Just delicious, gingery, with no cannabis taste at all and cinnamon aftertaste. Ate on a empty stomach, then the surprise! Was not expecting any overt psychoactive effects, but there were. Quite psychedelic, with beautiful closed eye visuals and a comforting melty feeling. Medicinal effects also impressive, with aches and pains just disappearing. Too high to sleep at first, but when I came down a little fell into deep restorative nap. Since then been using dime-sized pieces and still get the medicinal effects, without psychotropic experiences. Don't take on empty stomach unless you want to get blasted!



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