Smoking Blend

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A carefully crafted blend of sugar leaf and trim from a variety of sun grown and indoor strains. Effective medicine at affordable prices.

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Purchased: $50 Ounce

420 Cup Cakes

I love this deal !!!!! Perfect for my cup cakes and brownies. And most of the time they are able to tell you what strain it is. Ive gotten an ounce of Gorilla Glue blend before and lots of other strains for only 50$ an ounce. What an awesome deal. Thanks BPG!!!

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Purchased: $50 Ounce

Works great

I have previously made a review and everything in that review is still true almost two years later! I have noticed a shortage of this product as far as ounces @ $50.00. I am seeing it offered at $10.00 for an eighth but for an ounce at THAT price it would cost a bunch more. C'mon BPG, remember your patients are below the poverty level for many of us so let's bag it up in ounces back at the $50. an ounce price. Please don't get greedy like BigPharma..Please?

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Purchased: $50 Ounce

Good for what ails ya!

I have Multiple Sclerosis and end-stage renal failure. This handles all the symptoms of both illnesses. It handles the tremors, spasms, pain, nausea, insomnia, all of it! In addition to handling my symptoms, it is $50. an ounce which I can afford, even at the poverty level where I live! Thank you SO much!

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Better than Baker's

For 50 dollars an ounce, this is extremely efficient. Definitely fun to roll with, but you'll most definitely want to get a concentrate or some high quality nug to compensate for it's lack of potency. For 10 bucks less than the Baker's Ounce, this is a great buy.

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Smoking Smoking Blend

If you smoke fat joints and are on a budget, pickup the smoking blend. It's not the smoothest smoke (even close), but it'll get you where you need to be. Shake wouldn't be accurate, and it's definitely not bud, but you'll get medicated.

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