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Bento is a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Bento delivers safe, quality and consistently effective cannabis products to Prop 215 compliant medical marijuana patients throughout the Peninsula and the surrounding South Bay regions. Whether a novice or a discerning cannabis connoisseur, Bento’s friendly customer service is dedicated to helping each patient access high-quality marijuana medicine that meets or exceeds expectations, every time. History: Bento’s founders capitalized on their relationships with master growers in the Santa Cruz and San Francisco to explore their opportunity to bring reliable organic marijuana to patients in the southern Peninsula region. Beginning in early 2016, they established Bento to introduce professionalism, deep cannabis knowledge, and reliable communication to the medical marijuana delivery field. Bento’s delivery always prioritizes transparency and fostering relationships with their patients allowed them to grow to serve numerous members while gradually expanding their delivery radius to a larger area. Products: Bento understands patients take a risk when blindly buying their cannabis products, and make every effort to assuage that risk by working only with quality cannabis vendors. They offer products only from either their in-house organic grow team or third-party vendors they’ve vetted for excellent grow techniques. Patients may select from one of at least twelve carefully curated flower strains, and whether value priced or premium tiered, the cannabis always lives up to expectations. Bento’s delivery also offers a range of concentrates, edibles, and vape cartridges to supplement their rotation of products. All products are either lab tested or grown under the same growing conditions and circumstances (and often genetics) as previously tested batches, due to the limited supply of their high-quality cannabis. Process: Patients can rely on great service from Bento’s friendly and knowledgeable delivery team. They go above and beyond to offer friendly advice, consulting on the best strains, products or methods for each patient. Valuing transparency, Bento always updates their patients with changes to delivery times, ETA, and product availability, and will always strive to leave them with a smile on their face. Bento currently accepts both cash and proudly provides 10% off marijuana delivery discounts to veterans and patients in severe need through their compassion program. First time cannabis patients receive goodies and deals on their first 3 deliveries, and their minimum donation amount varies depending on locating, so call or text/email ahead to determine the amount. Delivery is free with minimum donation, and average wait time is approximately 45 minutes. Service Locations: Bento serves medical cannabis patients throughout the Peninsula and the surrounding regions. They proudly aid patients in the Santa Clara, Belmont, Cupertino, Campbell, Emerald Hills, Los Altos Hills, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, and Loyola areas. 

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 1st order - KIVA gift sample

 2nd order - $10.00 off orders of $80.00 or more

 3rd order - 10% off your order



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