Girl Scout Cookies (sun grown)

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18.57% THC 1.09% CBD:: Grown on a Clean Green Certified farm, this out door version of the now classic girl scout cookies is a smooth, medicinally soothing indica that is clean enough to allow most chronic pain patients to function during the daytime while still getting those essential benefits. Girl Scout Cookies is know to produce adequate CBD with no special treatment, and for that reason this strain is great for providing pain relief without going over board.

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, arthritis, asthma, autism, bipolar disorder, cancer, depression, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorder, glaucoma, hiv/aids, inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraine, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, pms/pmdd, ptsd, pain: muscle/joint, pain: neuropathic, pain: phantom limb, seizures, skin irritation

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Cookie Time!

Genetics: (OG Kush x F1 Durban)

Sight/Feel: Happy, hairy, sparkly, sticky, dense. Plant was a happy girl.

Scent: Sweet, earthy, menthol.

Taste: Sweet, minty, milky, floral. Very tasty, smooth, fragrant, enjoyable and satisfying.
From the few sun grown strains that I have had, flowers seem to possess a milky quality in the taste and mouth feel. Dense vapor clouds, even on a medium setting.

Cerebral: Strong buzz, light fogginess, uplifted, calm, restful, focused, functional.
Wont knock you out, but, will ease you down.
Good for anxiety.

Physical: Great body stone, and melt.
Great muscle relaxer, and anti-inflamatory properties.
Yoga is great with cookies.

Overall: You’ll keep coming back for more!
Ive already had three sessions tonight, and Im contemplating a fourth while writing this.
Physical dominate strain, with a decent cerebral stone. Its been a while since I have had cookies, and I had forgotten how much I like this strain. Great qualities for broad audience. OG Kush fans will appreciate.

Growers: Great Job!
Keep the sun grown’s coming.

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Good girl scout

This product lives up to it's potency and lasts but you just might be tempted to keep bumping it up because you'll be glad you did. Beautiful flowers are works of art and represent well the very well cured and tasty smoke and undeniable effects that give you lots of respect for whomever grew these.

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