Sour Lemon Gummies

Made by FROOT

What It Is:

Froot Sour Lemon Dose-able Gummies are Sativa gummies made with high quality cannabis while giving you that bold and juicy flavor along with a relaxing high.

Why We Love It:

Sour Lemon Dose-able gummies are made to make your mouth water while also giving you that focused and energizing high of a sativa.

Potency & Dosing:
Servings Per Package: 100mg of THC per package. Each gummy contains 10mg of THC with ability to make dosing easier if needed. Start with one gummy, wait two hours before increasing your dose.

A bit about the brand:
Froot edible are both affordable, packed with mouthwatering flavor whilst also being affordable. Each edible package are made to make dosing easier on those who are not high dose users while also giving that fun high experience. "

$ 9
For ten

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