Relief 50 Dose Pen

Made by DOSIST
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Dosist Relief™ is a CBD-rich formula with a 2:1 THC-to-CBD ratio and inflammatory combating terpenes designed to provide relief for mild to moderate pain.

$ 40

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excellent alternative to OTC painkillers

I was interested in an alternative to Advil and Tylenol for chronic back pain and occasional muscle/joint pain. I found this vape to be quite effective in relieving my pain, and when using it, I had no need to turn to painkillers. I also have a friend with chronic pain, and she uses this for her pain. Personally, though, I can't speak to how it compares to prescription painkillers. But bottom line? I used up mine, but I will be buying it again -- but this time the large size.

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Airfield Supply Company

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