Mango Walker Cartridge


Compatible with the following batteries: Gold Drop and ABX Black Standard – HIGHER Our un-cut ultra-premium distillate oil pre-filled in a stainless-steel/glass vapor cartridge. A step up in potency at a competitive price using our high potency cannabis oil with a comprehensive botanical (organic, plant-derived) terpene mixture that allows for the taste to be more true to the strain. Available in 5/10 threaded 500mg, we suggest using our push-button variable 5/10 threaded batteries. Ingredients: Clean Green Certified High potency distillate oil (Zero ppm, mold mildew & pesticides) and botanical (organic, plant-derived) terpenes. THC / CBD percentages can and do fluctuate from batch to batch depending on the starting crop material. Please see your budtender for current results.

$ 27
1/2 gram

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