Lost Farms- Blueberry Chews

Made by KIVA

Inspired by the sweet berry flavors of the strain Blue Dream, this fruit chew tastes like ripe blueberries dipped in sugar Lost Farm Chews are an exciting new addition to Kiva’s product lineup, and will likely be a novel form for many longtime edibles fans. Their firm, taffy-like texture lingers on the palate, allowing you to fully savor the fresh, real-fruit like flavors. All-natural, plant-based, individually-wrapped pieces, whether in the stick pack or the pouch, offer a highly-portable, single-serve, delightful edible experience. INFUSED WITH 100% LIVE RESIN STRAIN-SPECIFIC FULL SPECTRUM, TRUE-TO-THE-PLANT HIGH PLANT-BASED 10MG THC EACH 100MG THC TOTAL

$ 20

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