Little Helpers Buzz Mints

Made by KIKOKO

BUZZ CANNABIS-INFUSED BOTANICAL MINTS 20 MINTS (per package) & RECYCLABLE TIN With 5mg of THC and a daily dose of vitamin D (immune boosting and bone building), these are the healthy alternative to cannabis gummies. Watermelon and basil Buzz Little Helpers give most people a smooth high that’s perfect for social banter, hiking, or a night alone with 70s rock. Sugar-free, delicious and fun, to try them is to love them… VEGAN NATURALLY SUGAR-FREE AND GLUTEN-FREE DISCREET ON-THE-GO 42% OF AMERICANS ARE DEFICIENT IN VITAMIN D, WHICH IS ESSENTIAL FOR IMMUNITY AND BONE HEALTH 5MG OF THC WILL GIVE THE AVERAGE PERSON A PLEASANT, BUT NOT WILD, HIGH THERE ARE ONLY 20 BUZZ MINTS IN THE TIN (LOOKS STINGY, WE KNOW!) BECAUSE THE LAW STATES NO MORE THAN 100MG THC PER PACKAGE

$ 18

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