Hint of Sweet (150mg)

Made by SELECT

What it is: The Hint of Sweet Squeeze is a water-soluble beverage enhancer made to perfectly dose 5mg of THC-infused, hint of sweet flavor into any situation that needs a sweet pick-me-up! Why We Love It: With Select Squeeze, you can infuse any beverage with THC and flavor enhancements. Featuring Nanotechnology, Squeeze delivers a fast 15-30 minute onset time, while the water-soluble formula disperses instantly into your favorite beverage. Dosing And Potency: With a gentle squeeze, the pocket-sized self-measuring bottle offers a precise serving every time, thanks to its 5 mg easy-dose reservoir (1 squeeze and release = 1mL). Take it anytime, mix it easily, feel it fast. Each bottle contains about 20 servings and a total of 100mg THC. A Bit About The Brand: Select Oil began in Portland, born and bred from a desire for cleaner and safer cannabis oil alternatives - what has developed is their pure, potent, flavorful line of oil for the conscious consumer

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