Grandma's Pie - Live Resin

Made by FROSTY

What It Is:

Grandma's Pie Live resin is a hybrid live resin created by crossing GSC with Black Sugar Berry.

Why We Love It:

Grandma's Pie live resin takes you back to the smell of a sweet berry pie baking at Grandma's house.

Potency & Dosing:
Perfect for your dab rig of choice or Puffco Peak or Peak Pro - all of which are available right here at Airfield. Frosty's concentrates are known to pack a potent punch - a little goes a long way!

A bit about the brand:
Frosty's goal is to create a superb end product, while still remaining environmentally respectful and conscious. This goal drives everything they do, and they invest time and care throughout the process from the beginnings of that one little seed all the way to the end product that is shared with consumers. At Frosty's Extracts, they only create products they would be proud to use themselves. "

$ 30

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