Garlic Juice #7-Live Rosin

Made by KALYA

What It Is:

Garlic Juice #7 Live Rosin is a pungent, earthy Indica-heavy concentrate extracted by Kalya Extracts.

Why We Love It:

A powerful Indica-dominant, a cross GMO has a heavy and pungent petrol smell, thanks in part to its Chemdawg lineage, layered with coffee, fruit, and sweet earthy flavors.

Potency & Dosing:

Kalya concentrates are known to pack a punch - a little goes a long way! Keep this in the fridge between use to keep your terps as fresh as possible and get the most out of your dabs.

A bit about the brand:

Kalya Extracts fosters a unique relationship between farmer and genetics to cultivate high-quality cannabis and highlight the resin it produces in the best way possible. "

$ 75

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