Foto Blur THC Primer

Made by KINGDM

The unique formulation gives Kingdm Foto Blur Primer a silky, serum-like texture that is super spreadable and lightweight, blurring pores and creating a smooth, perfected canvas for makeup application. The Science: KINGDM’s Foto Blur: Foto Blur Primer uses Kush Queen’s exclusive patent-pending Amplifi™ nanotechnology, a process that creates THC & CBD molecules as small as 25nm in size, which is 2,000 times smaller than pores, allowing the product to fully absorb so that the high levels of cannabinoids can work deep into the skin. Our formula doesn’t dry during wear, so your skin stays moisturized throughout the day. Use it before makeup, but after skincare. Why Wear Cannabis Under Your Make-Up?Let the cannabinoids work for you, under your make-up. KINGDM helps reduce redness, prevents breakouts, and leaves your skin velvety soft. The Kush Queen Promise: KINGDM FOTO BLUR is vegan-friendly, paraben, fragrance, and phthalate free, made in the USA, and not tested on animals.

$ 40

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