Cranberry Sage- Popping Space Crystals

Made by CANN

What It Is:

Cranberry Sage Popping Space Crystals are the newest addition to the Cann family, perfect timing to ring in the winter season. This mix balances sweet and savory sage, agave nectar, and other natural flavors crossed with that tart cranberry juice flavor we all know and love.

Why We Love It:

Featuring sublingual technology for faster onset, Cranberry Sage Space Crystals are an explosion of flavor on your tongue offering a gentle body high complimenting a sparkling head high.

Potency & Dosing:
Serving Sizer per pouch is 10mg of THC. The crystals are made from (cane sugar, brown rice syrup, carbon dioxide) coconut oil, natural fruit flavors, citric acid, & cannabis oil.

A bit about the brand:
Launched in 2019, Cann is the first cannabis-infused social tonic that's quickly grown into California's #1 low-dose cannabis beverage. Cann is an approachable, enjoyable, and shareable product for people across the range of comfort and familiarity with cannabis. "

$ 8

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