Coco Smash

Made by FIXIE

What It Is:

Fixie Coco Smash is a 2oz 100mg nanoTHC beverage shot with natural Coconut and Lime flavors.

Why We Love It:

A perfect mix of sweet and fruity, Fixie is a high potency beverage you'll actually enjoy drinking! Smash it straight up, or mix it with your favorite juice, smoothie, or other drink for a mocktail to share with friends. Fixie leaves you with a balanced high, perfect for a concert, an active day, or a night in.

Potency & Dosing:
Follow the dose-meter on the side of the bottle to measure out 10mg THC increments. Due to its nanoTHC, Fixie can be felt in as little as 10 minutes, but wait at least 30 min before consuming more. Shake well.

A bit about the brand:
Fixie is on a mission to make getting high fun, tasty and affordable. We are a woman/ minority owned, small business. "

$ 8

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