Blueberry OG-Live Rosin

Made by PAX

What It Is:

PAX's newest product - Blueberry OG Live Rosin 1 gram PAX Pods

Why We Love It:

Blueberry OG's sweetness is softened by a smooth, creamy finish and makes for a tasty Pod. Their blend brings out tropical guava flavors with strong blueberry overtones.

Potency & Dosing:
Compatible with Pax Era Life and Pax Era Pro batteries, which are available here at Airfield Supply Co. Recommended to keep in room temperature environments, as extreme temperatures will damage cartridge and battery.

A bit about the brand:
PAX has joined the Plant side of cannabis! Headquartered in San Francisco, PAX Labs are committed to delivering on their vision of creating responsible, enjoyable, and personalized vaporizer experiences. "

$ 55

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