From Cypress Hill & Bhang, this is a top-shelf strain in a rare vessel:

Zookies- Did I hear Zookies? This extra popular, highly nominated strain has created itself a cult following. A cross between Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4, this sweet and spicy indica gives a soothing and calming effect, for those who need a pause in the day and take time for themselves. Zookies is truly indulgent, sweeping you off your feet after the first hit, giving you the extra boost you need to think and create. The unique qualities and blissful effects of this strain will leave you wanting more.

This Zookies is served in a custom 1/4 oz skull jar with the iconic Cypress Hill bucket hat lid stamped with CHB. These are limited run collector’s editions. The CHB stylish skull jars which make a cameo appearance in the newly released Cypress Hill video, “Crazy” (at 1:33) are great for collectors or the consummate Cypress Hill fan or anyone who wants a stylish container that represents the wisdom of the universe:

“Legend has it crystal skulls are a form of computer which are able to recognize energy and vibration that occur around them,” Cypress Hill’s Muggs says. He added, “The skulls have the ability to pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come in contact with them (i.e. they contain the history of our world.)”

$ 125

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