This Week in 91LIFE: February 3rd, 2013

Have you checked out the all the ruckus at 91ILFE lately?  There's something Elite happenin' here ...

Seeking Out the Best Batch of Girl Scout Cookies

Cutting edge cannabis intelligence shared by our curators has revealed two front-runner candidates for the title of Best Girl Scout Cookies Strain in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Apothecarium's Girl Scout Cookies has a clear ringer behind their lush boutique counters, while Medithrive Direct's 'platinum-style' Girl Scout Cookies may steal the top prize with their notably resinous cultivar.  What's your vote for best of the best?

Chiesel Full Melt from Harborside Health Center Brings the Sour Funk

Exceptional cultivars nurtured by top growers beget exceptional full melt hashish ... and the experts at 91LIFE have a nose for the exceptional.  This Chiesel Full Melt Hash from Harborside Health Center was found at the end of the water-extract rainbow, a shining blonde reward smelling of diesel "sour-funk".

Private Reserve OG from Oakland Newcomer Blum Collective

Johnny5 plays sweet OG music from a crate of Private Reserve OG from Oakland newcomer Blum Oakland.   We're fans of Johnny's sound, especially when properly medicating with 'ragged frosty' flowers from Blum.  Music + cannabis = '...the healing of a nation!'

CBCB's Immaculate Classic Bubba Kush

'Gourmet breakfast' flavors rise from the CBCB 'masterpiece', 'immaculate example' Classic Bubba Kush reviewed this week by our friends at 91LIFE.  Ruckus for good reason.  Three cheers for eye popping Bubba!

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