This Week in 91LIFE: December 9th, 2012

91ILFE, our curated marijuana review sister-site, took off with a bang on Monday and didn't let up all week long. Here's a recap of 91LIFE's best marijuana reviews of the week:

All Star Jack Frost lives up to Berkeley Patient's Group's top shelf 'All-Star' lineup. This energizing, motivational strain packs gourmet flavors on the in and exhale. If you have taste for daytime, functional sativas, check out this review and then go place an order yourself for some All Star Jack Frost.

In this review of Fire OG, learn about the origins of SFV OG and salivate over Eric Solomon's most delicious photo and description of this uniquely flavored cultivar. Sample provided by San Francisco's very own Medithrive.

The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain craze continues with the most powerful batch we've found to date. Cookie Monster from San Jose dispensary Platinum Clouds has a peppermint-varnish essence not present in other Cookies we've seen.

91LIFE visits Love Shack in San Francisco and picks out OG Kush Melt from their line of all natural water-extracts - a refreshing site in an age where BHO dominates the concentrate shelves of most dispensaries. Holy lemon-funk OG!

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