This Week in 91LIFE: December 23rd, 2012

The resident cannabis chronnoisseurs at 91ILFE are in high holiday spirits and have been gifting all week with reviews of the best medical marijuana from Northern California collectives from San Jose to Berkeley.  Here's a quick review of their best-of-the-best choices.

The 91LIFE crew has been licking their chops to get a taste of the Sugary (aka "The Sug") Full Melt hash from Harborside Health Center in Oakland.  We enjoyed their full flavored review of this resinous maple syrup Afghani-skunk pain reliever.

Classic Trainwreck flowers from the Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley (CBCB) stood out as exceptionally well grown to exhibit the classic potent therapeutic genetics present in this NorCal favorite sativa dominant strain.  Find Ty's inspired review of the Arcata legend here at 91LIFE.

Patients in Berkeley who enjoy exotic fruit flavored strains of the best uplifting medicinal cannabis will dig Eric's lip smacking review of Strawberry Kush from Berkeley Patients Care Collective.  Sour Diesel fans will be especially interested in reading 91LIFE's take on this Strawberry Cough twist.

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