Selecting Cannabis Based on Terpenes

Many of us consider cannabinoids when selecting a marijuana strain, but do you also base your choice on terpenes?

Our friend Matt Cote from the new San Francisco dispensary the Bloom Room SF talks terpenes and cannabinoids in a recent post to 91LIFE.

Where Terpenes Bloom provides an introduction to terpenes and how to consider them when selecting a cannabis strain. There's no doubt, you'll be hearing a lot more about terpenes in the future as more dispensaries and labs begin testing for these fragrance molecules.

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Posted 6/5/13 by:
Roscoe D. Williams
Do you have have any butter?
Posted 6/25/15 by:
Benson Elsworth
Borrow some of mine:
Posted 8/25/15 by:
DJ Holbrook
Looking for an effective strain of cannibas to really help me sleep. Don't mind a bit of a high, but I'm wanting to avoid Rx sleep aids .

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