San Francisco's 4th Annual Medical Cannabis Competition

Americans for Safe Access knows how to celebrate medical cannabis, and they outdid themselves this past weekend in San Francisco when they hosted the “4th Annual Medical Cannabis Competition: The Patient's Choice”. Allow me to list the ways:

Free cannabis! Patients who registered with The Green Spot Delivery dispensary enjoyed a gram of Blue Dream for instant registration. The Vapor Room and SPARC dispensaries supplied patients with seemingly endless volcano bags filled with vaporized cannabis served up harm reduction style.

Free food. Delicious focaccia sandwiches and a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN with brownies, madeleines, strawberries, grapes and apples for dipping. Free access all day. Two massive cakes were devoured at the end of the night. So, so, so, comfortable, my friends.

Community marijuana was passed in fat joints by new friends while listening to Selecta Lou drop beats and MC Real One slingin' rhymes. The camaraderie of the community is maybe the best medicine in the lives of medical marijuana patients and today we celebrated loyal friendships in a big way!

Stilt Walkers. Nothing brightens my day quite like a masked character atop stilts grooving to cannabis-laden music and dropping good cheer on the crowd of smiles.

Plenty of lovely responsible female cannabis users of all adult ages enjoyed the celebration. Pot: Not just for young men anymore!

I enjoyed the endless opportunity to talk with highly knowledgeable cannabis professionals about their favorite strains and what makes them special. Nick from SPARC dispensary in San Francisco described their O.G. Kush as the crowning achievement of their master grower, a flower of superior quality, which I understand to be 7 stable generations away from what began as an already top quality cannabis plant. Asking polite questions of the dispensary representatives can lead you into any number of informative conversations about advanced genetics, high CBD strains, or superior growing techniques.

I found cannabis advocates and activists mingling with the powerful voting block of cannabis users, propelling our cause forward by legalizing marijuana in 2012. The Marijuana Policy Project and Students for Sensible Drug Policy did the organizational and educational heavy lifting along with Americans for Safe Access.

Excellent live music was performed by Manicato and also by *Mystic Roots Band. Let's be real. This is a cannabis competition. You will medicate. You will want to listen to music for a long while and dance in celebration. Americans for Safe Access understands your musical needs. ASA delivered with two rockin’ bands chock full of personality to keep everything lively and hopping.

The Vapor Room dispensary deserves special mention for their visual presentation as a sponsor of the competition including the wall projections that elevated the artistic appeal of the Terra Gallery.

Nearly every current medical cannabis patient in California is young enough to remember the days when celebrations centered around legalizing herb were filled with much more fear and anxiety than we face in 2010. This weekend, we celebrated this relatively newfound freedom with an eager eye to the future and a sharp memory of the past. For Marc Emery, Eddy Lepp and all the other leaders who suffer in prison, we raise our Medical Cannabis Cup to you in hope of your near term release.

Americans for Safe Access will make certain that we never forget how close we are to achieving balance with marijuana in our society. Master of Ceremonies Stephanie Tucker reminded us that in the post Prop 19 world, we must all come together as a cannabis community to meet our shared goals, and work to fight the repressive policy of prohibition. Our strength is in our numbers. We will do well if we cooperate.

Each time we hold a positive event that is representative of our community's spirit, we are a beacon to the world. Not too long ago this author was a lonely cannabis user in a repressive state filled with people isolated by fear. California, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington are all states where leaps and bounds of acceptance have taken place because of the continually positive presence of medical marijuana in communities of all sizes. If our words aren't quite enough to convince you of the reality of open cannabis use, please visit us here in San Francisco for one of our celebrations of the cannabis plant. We're only a short flight away...

Here are the big winners from the 4th Annual Medical Cannabis Competition: The Patient's Choice ...

Flowers Category
1st Place: Boss OG Kush by Boss
2nd Place: Allen Wrench by Island in the Sky (tie)
2nd Place: Exotic Purple by the Green Door (tie)
2nd Place: Granddaddy by the Green Door (tie)
2nd Place: Kryptonite by The Green Cross Collective (tie)
3rd Place: Dutch Treat #5 (aka Dutch Crunch) by S.F.M.C.G. (tie)
3rd Place: Jack Herer by EarthGreenCali Farms (tie)
3rd Place: Jack Herer by Santa Cruz Collective (tie)

Concentrates Category
1st Place: Blue Moon Rocks (Blue Dream x Space Queen) by Vapor Room (tie)
1st Place: Frosty Hash Oil by The Green Cross Collective (tie)
2nd Place: G-18 Hash by The Green Door
3rd Place: Sour Diesel Kief by Green Cross Collective

Edibles Category
1st Place: Bhang Medical Cannabis Dark Chocolate Bar by Bhang of California Chocolate Company
2nd Place: Auntie Delores Chili Lime Peanuts by Auntie Delores (tie)
2nd Place: Buddies Peanut Butter Pucks by David MacFadden (tie)
3rd Place: Hash on the Mountain Top Lollipop by Shawn Polly

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Posted 11/18/10 by:
Scoop doc
Thank you 4 putting on the event. It was wonderful. Scoop doc would like 2 contact the very polite person who was using the ice chest as a chair. Thank you

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