Bubble Hash Master & Creator of the Bubble Bag, Bubble Man Interviewed by 91LIFE

Bubble Hash is fast becoming the marijuana aficionado's go-to selection for a cannabis concentrate, as evidenced by the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup "Solvent Free" hash category with strong showings by winners Lemon OG, Tangerine OG, Dairy Queen.

The team at 91LIFE sat down with Bubble Man in this epic interview to talk about all things ganja, including landrace strains, high powered Jamaican finger hash, legendary Canadian breeders DJ Short and Romulan Joe (among others), and of course the state of the medical marijuana marketplace in California, Colorado, Washington & British Columbia as it relates to superior quality bubble hash.

Ice Wax aka Bubble Hash is the Marijuana Concentrate of the Future

When you ask for full melt at your local medical marijuana dispensary, are you presented with bubble hash, or wax, putty, shatter, glass? Do you know the difference between naturally extracted bubble hash and chemically extracted concentrates with similar names like BHO, butane honey oil, and hash oil? Modern bubble hash explained with Bubble Man and 91LIFE. Enjoy!!

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