91LIFE PREVIEW: Platinum Cookies - Green Door, San Francisco

Platinum Cookies

Green Door, San Francisco

Indica/Sativa (I+S)

In my endless quest for the Bay Area's finest I inevitably run into an abundance of Girl Scout Cookies; some good, some bad, some fake, and some real. GCS hasn't become a sensation for no reason; it has a unique exotic redolence and a powerful body-high capable of melting stress and liquefying muscles. This batch of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies available at The Green Door SF lives up to the hype representing one of the best (and most authentic) renditions of GSC available in the bay area. Much of the history behind Girl Scout Cookies is kept secret, but it has been reported that GSC originated as an F1 development of Durban Poison, bred out of Florida in the 90's, and then brought to the world in 2010 (by the same group behind the infamous Cherry Pie). The exact recipe behind the F1 Durban remains a mystery, but from what I've been told, it was stabilized in part to an old-school OG dubbed Flo-rida. This would make sense, considering the flavor and high of GSC is very 'OG oriented'. Overall, Girl Scout Cookies stands out as one of the most brilliant and exotic varieties to pop up over the last few years ... a true masterpiece! Again, genetic info above is based on secondary sources.

This batch of Girl Scout Cookies is notably denser than most other batches I've sampled recently. The flowers have gorgeous calyxes covered with beautiful hues of lavender and jade. The scent of the bouquet is exotic and complex, with notes of varnish, fuel, and sweet pastries. I really appreciated the outstanding cure of the flowers, which broke down to a fine dust. Extremely viscid to the touch, this is some of the stickiest flower I've handled in months. Break it up free-hand and your fingers will be caked over with a super sticky and extremely pungent resin. I couldn't help but sucking the funky Durban essence off my fingers (I know, I'm terrible). 
Platinum Cookies
One of the most unique and magnificent cannabis flavors I've ever sampled. The flavor is very OG'esk, featuring notes of wood varnish, fuel, and pinesol. It actually had more of an 'authentic' OG flavor than many of the most popular OG phenos circulating today. The vapor is skunky and expansive on the inhale, lip-smacking varnish and fuel on the exhale. I think my friend put it best when he said, "It straight up tastes like a backyard barbeque!"   

Girl Scout Cookies has become a legend in part to its remarkable medicinal strength. Regularly testing at over 20% THC / .5% CBD, GSC is a therapeutic powerhouse capable of relieving chronic pain, neuropathy, muscle spasms, and PTSD. 

This one will sit you back! The high starts off with a powerful sense of euphoria that radiates through the mind and body. GSC provides one of the strongest and most fulfilling body highs I've experienced in months. 

- lifeboy916

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gdoor's my fav place for picking up cookies

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