91LIFE PREVIEW: OG Haze Melt - Harborside Health Center, Oakland

Harborside Health Center - OaklandPRODUCT
OG Haze Melt

Harborside Health Center, Oakland

Sativa Dominant (S)

This concentrate was extracted from OG Haze (OG Kush x Haze). It features a beautiful expression of both OG Kush and Haze characteristics. The extract is dominated by its Haze ancestry which provides for a focused and uplifting experience; something that's typically an anomaly with high potency concentrates. Its powerful OG backbone adds a light lemon essence to the vapor along with a soothing undercurrent to the high. A perfect balance of sativa characteristics packed inside a delicious and uplifting concentrate... truly wonderful!

The drying process can really make or break a water-sifted concentrate. This concentrate preparation was dried and cured to perfection, featuring a very fine granulated consistency that presses together like cake mix. The melt has a purity of 80%-90%, producing very little ash or residue when vaporized. Upon vaporization, the melt rapidly simmers into thousands of tiny bubbles before liquifying into a translucent oil. The coarse consistency of the concentrate makes it perfect for vaporizing off a screen with a soldering iron, my preferred method for consuming natural full melts.
OG Haze Melt
One thing I hear from fellow patients often is that they're interested in concentrates, but they have a hard time finding something that both therapeutically viable and non-incapacitating. This melt strikes that perfect balance, providing powerful long-lasting therapeutic strength while remaining suitable for daytime use. The tranquil and meditative effect is a perfect way to take your mind away from the stresses and discomforts of medical treatments.

This one put me in the zone! The high rises gradually at first, gracefully lifting the mind into a focused 'trancelike' state. A perfect selection for doing some meditating or getting lost in a creative endeavor. Unlike many Haze influenced varieties, this one never seems to get too spacey or crash.

The flavor is very mellow and haze oriented. To the nose the extract is quite mellow and earthy; rub the resin between your fingers and out comes the lemon funk essence of OG Kush. Produces a silky smooth vapor with an earthy 'clay like' essence. Hints of lemon zest and diesel fuel on the exhale.

- lifeboy916

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Posted 6/30/12 by:
I want to try this! HHC usually has some really good full melts

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