91LIFE PREVIEW: Gemstone - Medithrive, San Francisco

Medithrive DirectPRODUCT

Medithrive, San Francisco

Sativa Dominant Hybrid (S+I)

This Medithrive exclusive brings together Northern Lights, Skunk #1, Lavender, & Sour Diesel to form something truly greater than the sum of its parts. The flowers pack a brilliant exotic essence reminiscent of many of the avant-garde European hybrids built from skunk & NL breeding lines during the 90′s. One can appreciate the delicate & harmonious balance of Gemstone’s rich heritage, with characteristics of each parent genotype making a strong presence in its remarkable flavor & effect. Lavender & Skunk #1 seem to dominant Gemstone’s exterior while its internals ooze a tantalizing ‘sour fuel candy’ effervescence. Among the most magnificent & unique hybrids I’ve scene or smoked in a long time; an absolute must try for any NorCal chronnoisseur!

The word ‘exotic’ gets thrown around a lot in the cannabis world, often without any real merit. This is ‘actually’ exotic … like … for realz! Brilliant neon jade buds with gorgeous lavender hues streaking its calyxes. Very ‘hybridesk’ demeanor; similar to Jack Herrer & other European hybrids built around Skunk#1 & NL#5 genetics. Complex skunky flavor hints on lavender, ripe apricot, rotting compost, baby poop, and diesel fuel. The exhale left a very skunky/fleshy aftertaste with notes of cheddar cheese, body-funk, & petrol gasoline.

Starts off with warm wave of numbing euphoria capable of relieving pain & nausea while keeping maintaining an energetic/alert state of mind. As the body-high simmers down you’re left in a tranquil & focused state ideal for letting your mind drift or taking on a creative project. This variety is recommended by Medithrive’s staff for its unique balance of uplifting energy & therapeutic strength, making it a great choice for patients trying to find something suitable for the daytime that’s both therapeutically viable & non-incapacitating. Patients might find Gemstone particularly effective in treating anxiety, pain, nausea, neuropathy, & loss of appetite.


- lifeboy916

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Posted 10/28/12 by:
This is a stellar review, I must try this strain it looks fantastic. Great job as always.
Posted 11/30/12 by:
The Gemstone is the best! If you haven't already, you've got to try it.
Posted 6/25/15 by:
Gotta get this!

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