91LIFE PREVIEW: Durban Poison - Herbal Mission, San Francisco

Herbal MissionPRODUCT
Durban Poison

Herbal Mission, San Francisco

100% Landrace Sativa (S)

This classic South African sativa has made its mark as an international breeding powerhouse, finding its way into countless modern hybrids including the latest rage, Girl Scout Cookies. Durban Poison is special for so many reasons; it's among the earliest finishing and most uniform growing landrace sativa varieties ever to be popularized by seed distributors. This makes it an ideal selection for growers and breeders looking to increase their garden productivity while retaining sativa characteristics. It's growth patterns, flowering time, and yield are on par with many highly productive indica varieties making this a sativa lovers dream come true. Durban has remained a staple among chronnoisseurs for over 20 years in part to its signature flavor and energizing high... a true living legend!

So frosty! A patient standing next to me at Herbal Mission said "It looks like the trichomes are growing trichomes"... I couldn't agree more. If you were a tiny person (like 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' size) trying to navigate the surface of this flower would be like walking through a thick forrest of giant semi-transparent mushrooms. The flowers have a very uniform bouquet with 'christmas tree' shaped colas that boast brilliant abstract calyxes. The calyxes drip with magnificent clusters of tall thin milky trichomes. The cure on this batch is outstanding with buds breaking down into a fine powder that produces a very flavorful and refreshing vapor.

Dream Queen
Durban's flowers pack a treasure trove of flavors that range from 'summer citrus' to 'flea market incense'. Fresh out of the jar the bouquet gives off a signature aroma that hints on perfume, lime, and gasoline; break down some buds and out pours its full redolence, which is somewhat overwhelming. Out of my Volcano the vapor was smooth and minty; piney incense on the inhale with notes of fuel and lime on the exhale. The vapor leaves a lingering flavor that can be best described as 'vintage pine forrest'. The flavor is a real throw-back to the days when you could pick up a four-finger-lid of sativa for ten bucks... oh sweet nostalgia :)

Durban's energetic and uplifting nature make it an ideal choice for medicating early in the day. The fast-acting onset is perfect for quickly relieving nausea and energizing the mind. This variety can be particularly beneficial for patients going through long and intensive treatment sessions. The pure sativa effect is great for counteracting fatigue, increasing appetite, and lifting the spirits. 99% off all modern cannabis available at dispensaries has been hybridized with indica varieties so it's a real treat to be able to enjoy the pure medical qualities of sativa cannabis.

The effect from Durban is akin to a good cup of earl grey tea; clear, focused, and energized. Starts off with a crisp and energetic body-high that will have you coasting through house chores in absolute bliss. At first the effect is very thought-provoking, creative, and slightly disorienting. Quickly the effect transitions into a very tranquil and focused experience great for staying energized and motivated. One of my all time favorite varieties to start the day with.

- lifeboy916

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Posted 6/29/12 by:
I love this strain! makes me get stuff done
Posted 6/29/12 by:
great review I want to try more landrace strains :)
Posted 6/29/12 by:
Speedy P
What exactly does 'Landrace' mean? I've never heard that term for a sativa?
Posted 6/29/12 by:
Hey Speedy P,
Landrace is a term that's used to describe a species of plant (or animal) that was developed in nature (as opposed to being developed by selective breeding). Any indica or sativa species that has developed naturally (without human intervention) can be categorized as 'landrace'. Most modern cannabis varieties available at dispensaries have been hybridized on some level & carry both indica & sativa characteristics. These days it's rare to find true landrace cannabis varieties available at dispensaries, indica or sativa. A lot of patients particularly enjoy landrace varieties because they offer the pure therapeutic qualities of whichever phenotype they're most interested in. Let me know if I can provide you with anymore info :)

Posted 12/15/12 by:
love to try some
looks landrace to me lifeboy if i only had some to try looks great !!!

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